Heidi’s addiction to NaturVet’s

It is either Heidi is addicted to NaturVet’s digestive enzymes or she actually needs the enzymes, I really don’t know.

But since Heidi knows how to choose grass to eat, I will respect her decision that she needs the enzymes.

Ever since she demanded for the enzymes, she will not eat unless some of the powder is sprinkled onto her food. And she prefers that you do not mix it up. She wants the powder on top of the food.

Tabs, on the other hand, would prefer to have some Primal sprinkled onto her Cubgrub raw food. She doesn’t demand for it, but to get her to finish everything, the sprinkles work wonders.

Pole will only eat her Cubgrub if there is at least one tiny piece of Primal on top. But she doesn’t eat it. She just leaves it there (I give it to Cow eventually). If I don’t put the piece of Primal on top (just a tiny piece would do), she would just stare at me and starve. But with that one piece of Primal, she eats up all the Cubgrub and will even ask for more. And at the end, she just leaves the piece of Primal there.

I cannot figure her out, but never mind.

Cow loves Primal sprinkles but does not demand for it.

Bunny eats everything and anything except Quail. He loves bone broth too.

Cleo doesn’t like Primal. Neither do Ginger or Heidi.

Ginger is, undoubtedly, the Cubgrub cover boy now.

“Exotic meats, if you please?  No chicken, please.” he says.

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