CKD: Indy (stage 1), Bunny (stage 2)

We took Indy and Bunny for their urinalysis today.

Indy was also due for his once -a-week B12 jab.

The results:

Indy’s urine SG is slightly above the borderline at 1.036 (it should be above 1.035), so that is good, but his proteinurea (UPC) is AT the borderline of 0.3. This means there is a slight protein leakage.

What needs to be done for him: At this moment, nothing yet.  We’ve stopped the subcut since his creatinine went down to 115. Indy’s is classified as Stage 1 CKD (chronic kidney disease). Recheck in one month to see if subcut is needed again.

Bunny’s urine SG is 1.016 (low, not so good) but he has no proteinurea (good). No protein leakage.

What needs to be done: To continue his twice-weekly subcut sessions. Bunny’s is classified as Stage 2 CKD.

We could already tell from the colour of the urine as it was drawn out. Indy’s was straw coloured but Bunny’s was almost colourless. I also expected this because their urine does not smell as pungent as before and from all the spraying I could see it’s of a lighter colour.

Both Indy and Bunny’s weight are stable.

For Indy’s ongoing mysterious GI problem, the vet ordered Fibor for him with the hope that it might firm up his stools.

After getting the urine test results, we decided to also take Bunny’s blood to check his creatinine, BUN and phosphate levels. It was late so we went back first. Waiting for the results. Probably tomorrow.

Indy is supposed to take 5g of Fibor per day, sprinkled onto his food.

The vet says it’s palatable and I thought Indy would surely like it since it’s, well, a bit like kibble.

There, put on his food.

Did he eat it? No, he refused! I later offered it neat (by itself, without food), he ran for his life!

No, no, no!!  What are you trying to feed me now???

I tried the Fibor on all our other cats and only ONE cat was willing to eat it.

Guess who?

You’ll never guess it right.

No, it isn’t Bunny.

And no, it isn’t even Ginger. Ginger did NOT eat it too.

It was…


Now that was a HUGE surprise! Cleo is the one who is the most suspicious of all new foods and SHE ate up the Fibor!

The Fibor is meant for Indy, but he’s not eating it!  Sigh.

As for Bunny…

It’s okay, Bunny. We will continue with the subcut sessions.

For an FIV+ cat, Bunny has come a long way. He used to be a weakling when he was young. Easily falling sick and also took a very long time to recover (typical of an immune-compromised cat) from any illness. At one time, he was totally bald too. Then, he had a chronic vomiting problem for almost one whole year. Nothing helped, not even acupuncture or Chinese medicine.

But in recent years, Bunny sort of “grew out” of his weak physical condition. Now, he eats really well. He has the heartiest appetite of all our cats. Raw food seems to agree very well with him too. His vomiting problem is solved, finally.

We hope to do everything possible to delay the deterioration of Bunny’s chronic kidney disease. There is no turning back for CKD, only maintaining it.

Meanwhile, we are grateful for every happy moment that Bunny has. And he has plenty of these!

Bunny is 13 years old.

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