The raw deal – protein rotation to turkey!

I had a really pleasant surprise today.

Seven out of our eight cats ate Primal Turkey!!

Previously, they didn’t quite like it except for Cow, Bunny and Tabs. They all preferred Primal Chicken & Salmon. Indeed, between the two, this flavour is the more popular one. Better in sales too.

But the MOST surprising thing is that Heidi also ate it.


Yes, Heidi!

She doesn’t like Primal Chicken & Salmon, but she was willing to eat the Turkey!


So now, we have everyone on at least 2 proteins except for….Indy.

Ginger doesn’t like Primal Chicken & Salmon, but he too was willing to eat the Turkey.

I am still so, so surprised that Heidi was willing to eat it too.

I put a small piece of the Turkey in Indy’s bowl. He did not walk away, but he only ate his fillet and left the piece of Primal Turkey untouched.

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