Too much energy, Indy Jones?

These few days, Indy seems to have too much energy!

Could it be due to the bone broth, being a “superfood”?

Anyway, having energy is a good thing, so no complaints there.

But, it has also resulted in him being very hyperactive and he’s been looking for fights with Bunny, Cow and Ginger.

He doesn’t pick on the girls, just the boys.

I’ve been letting him out to the patio to explore just to release some of that energy in him!

He took Ginger’s favourite pent-house space at the patio!

As for his stools, it’s still off and on. We’ll be seeing the vet tomorrow, so most likely, we might add Fibor (a fibre supplement) to his food.

Meanwhile, Indy “tells” me when he wants Fillet Plus and when he wants Cubgrub Chicken. I’ve learnt to read him. I noticed that whenever he doesn’t feel so good, he only wants Fillet Plus and when he is full of energy, it’s back to Cubgrub Chicken. And good or not good, he is always willing to drink the bone broth.

I guess he knows what’s good for him.

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