Ginger: I WANT whatever Indy has

Ginger’s insistence on wanting whatever Indy has is getting ludicrous.

Today, he boycotted THREE meals just so that he could have raw fillet.  But he doesn’t know that even Indy has gone back to eating Cubgrub for a few meals now.

He doesn’t know that because when Indy eats at the window sill, it’s always a fillet meal, but I do feed Indy in the room too and that would be Cubgrub meal.

So yes, Ginger won today because I didn’t want him to go hungry. When I finally gave him the fillet, he guzzled it up like a vacuum cleaner.

He was whining all day, going in and out of the kitchen, demanding for fillet, refusing to eat Cubgrub (or just giving it a lick and walking away).  I finally gave in to him at 5pm.

After a big meal of fillet.

Earlier on…

…Ginger just had to go into Bunny’s Place. He just HAD to.

And Indy watched him like a hawk.

Indy is fair. He will not attack anyone. He only defends himself if he is attacked.

As for Indy, I had to resort to pounding the Fibor and putting them into capsules for him.


And please, Ginger, you DO NOT need Fibor!! It’s not for you.

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