The magic…..(Bunny’s creatinine level) – Thank you, Cubgrub!!

I got Bunny’s blood test results today and I couldn’t believe my eyes!

His creatinine level went from 199 (in Sept 2019) to 134 (yesterday)! His urea also went down and his phosphate level is normal!!!!

And what did we do from Sept until now?

We only did one thing – put all the cats, including Bunny, on 100% raw food. Cubgrub!

No supplements. No medication. Continued with the subcut, of course. That’s all.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Cubgrub!!

Remember Indy’s creatinine level also went from 173 to 115 in two months after being on raw food.

Bunny had already started on subcut since March this year but the creatinine level was hovering at 160-199. The vet would like to see it come down below 140.

So yesterday, it was 134!!

I really thought Bunny’s phosphate level would be high too, but it’s normal as well!

Bunny, oblivious to why I’m so happy today!

All said, Bunny’s CKD is still classified as Stage 2 because of his urine SG being 1.016. I am aware that once CKD sets in, there is no turning back. His CKD condition could be due to his age, his previous food or probably his FIV+ condition (organ deterioration is common in FIV+ cats). We cannot turn back the clock now, but I’m really hoping that with the raw diet, perhaps we can delay the progress of the kidney disease?

That would be my hope.  Meanwhile, Bunny is as happy as he can be and eats very well!

And here’s some good news! Cubgrub is preparing a kidney food for cats! In place of bones (which has higher phosphorus), the calcium source will be replaced with eggshells.

I’m REALLY so thankful to Lin Li of Cubgrub who takes a personal and special interest in all her clients’ pets. She works very hard to provide the very best for our pets.

Thank you, Lin Li! Thank you, Cubgrub!

And I must also thank Mr Ang of Coco&Joe. Although not all our cats eat Coco&Joe, Mr Ang has always found the time to advise me on nutrition for my cats. In fact, he has been so very patient with me during the time when I was so desperate in finding a cure for Indy’s gastrointestinal problem. He is the “raw-feeding friend” whom I was always referring to!  He is a certified raw dog food nutritionist.

I’m thankful that although the animal-loving circle is such a small one, we have great friends who support each other. We really need this!

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