WHAT are you feeding me now???

I added just two pellets of the Fibor to Indy’s Fillet Plus this morning and he ate AROUND them.

But, this morning, I found him pooping at 5.30am and the stools looked “nice”! They were just slightly soft, but the colour is back to normal and it was well-formed. I think there was no mucus too and I checked – no blood! For once, no blood!!

So, could it be the Fibor doing its work? I don’t know for sure. I force-fed the Fibor at 6pm yesterday.

But I’d rather not force-feed, you know.

The vet says it’s palatable, but Indy doesn’t like it. And I really thought he would, because wasn’t he the former kibble-king?  This is like kibble, it’s dry.

You converted me to raw food and now, you give me dry food?  

For real? 

No, Indy, this is NOT dry food. It’s just a fibre supplement.

Gimme, gimme, gimme…I like that rabbit pellet thingie. Gimme….

But…this bench is still mine. All mine!

FIBOR™ (Dogs & Cats)


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