Indy’s “Fibor stools”

I woke up at 4am this morning and found Indy’s “Fibor stools”, buried in the sand.

The “Fibor stools” looked….different. And it isn’t exactly what I was hoping for.

The diameter of the stools was bigger than Indy’s usual ones. There was also a lot of it and it was foul-smelling. And the stools were completely SOFT (that’s not what we want).

It seems to me that there’s just more stools, that’s all.

Before we began the Fibor, Indy’s stools were already firming up and the output volume wasn’t as much as this, which sounds about right, because under a raw diet, there shouldn’t be so much output as most of the food is absorbed.

So, I will be consulting with the vet to see if we should continue with the Fibor or give less of it.  Or, not give it at all for a day to see his stool output tomorrow.

In fact, I already did not give him the full 5g (per day) yesterday because he refused to eat it and I had to pound it all up and put into capsules. I couldn’t give him that many capsules in a day.

I am fully aware that Indy has the weirdest and most unexpected reactions to medications and food supplements.

But apart from these “Fibor stools”, Indy is his usual self.

In fact, when I came downstairs this morning, I realised that we had forgotten to lock our back door last night (oops…). I found four of them sleeping in the room and guess who was doing vigilant sentry duty outside, patrolling the grounds?

Yes, Indy Jones!

WHO goes there? Identify yourself!!

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