The raw deal – guess who eats Duck?

Yes, guess who ate Duck today?

No…wrong! Guess again!

You’ll never guess…..

But before that, Ginger had been on strike all of yesterday and I now think I know why. Maybe he wasn’t demanding for his exotic meats. I was making a fresh batch of bone broth yesterday and you know how the aroma permeates throughout the house, especially when it takes more than 24 hours to brew a batch.

Ginger absolutely LOVES the boiled chicken from the bone broth.  I know there’s hardly any nutritional value left after being boiled for 24 hours, but he just loves it, even if as a snack. And he can eat it without any mishaps. Heidi, on the other hand, also loves it, but she vomits it out after that, so I have stopped giving it to her.

So, I think he was demanding for that boiled chicken from the bone broth. Well, I did give it to him by late last night and he had a feast!!

This morning, I knew that if I offered Cubgrub Chicken, for sure he would boycott it. After all, he just had a feast last night.  So, I took out a jar of Cubgrub Duck (his favourite, I know).

More please, more Duck please…..!!

He had two helpings.

Ginger: Can I make a deal with you? I will not eat on the days you feed Chicken, I will only eat on the Duck, Quail and Rabbit days, but you give me more?   

No, Ginger. You have to eat every day.

As for Indy, he had a bowl of bone broth first thing this morning. Then, I offered some Cubgrub Chicken but he did not want any.  I’m still trying to transition him back to Cubgrub now. Raw fillet just isn’t balanced.

So I just let him be first since it was still very early in the morning. We have time….

After everyone had finished eating in the kitchen (with Ginger still lingering, asking for more Duck), I simply offered half a teaspoon of Duck to Indy.

Guess what?

He ate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indy ate Duck!!!!!

I’ve been trying so hard and so long to introduce a second protein to Indy.  He’s been rejecting everything so far.

INDY ate DUCK!!!

Some more Duck, Indy?

Indy: Yes, please.

And he ate, and ate!!

I thought I should not give so much since it’s his first time eating it, so I stopped after a fair bit and automatically, Indy just went for the bowl of Cubgrub Chicken (which he had rejected earlier on).

So, Indy ate Duck!!

Cow: What is this??

But Cow still refused to eat Duck. However, he did not mind having a bit of Duck in his bowl of Chicken. He did not walk away.

Transitioning takes A LOT of patience and time.

I’m going to order more Duck now that Indy is willing to eat it!

I have a hunch that introducing a second protein (some rotation) can help Indy’s gut problem. In any case, eating two proteins is theoretically better than being on a single protein, as long as the other protein does not cause any problems.

I’d still have to watch Indy’s next stool output to see if the Duck is suitable for him.

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