Double Charity Donation to CK Shelter

Recipients: The 220 cats at CK Shelter
Donor: In loving memory of Mr Khoo Boo Chai (from his nephew and family)

The petfood:

Cindy’s Original canned cat food with broth

Tender Fresh Chicken – 5 boxes
Atlantic Fresh Tuna – 5 boxes
Tuna With Chicken – 5 boxes
Tuna With Sea Bream – 5 boxes
Tuna With Katsuobushi – 5 boxes

We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery.

A message from CK Shelter: 😢🙏🙏 no words can describe how grateful we are for the cat food..thanks so much Dr..may your uncle-in-law who passed away rests in peace. Pls accept our condolences.

CK Shelter is a private and self-funded shelter located in Selangor and is home to 220 cats. This shelter has adopted many cats whom we published for adoption in the past and also provided a safe haven for many, many street cats who would have otherwise met with misfortune on the streets.

Some photos of the happy cats at CK Shelter, during feeding time!

About the Double Charity Donation:

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