The big Indy-Ginger fight (poor Indy!)

Yes, Indy lost.

It all started when Indy tried a few times to trick me into letting him sneak into the house through his special window sill eating spot. He would ask for food and after I open the mosquito netting and place a bowl there and turn my back, he would sneak into the kitchen quietly.

He did it again later in the day, but this time, he rushed out through Bunny’s grille and made his way to the patio.

He’s been getting trips out to the patio to play so I opened the patio door to let him out. Ginger was there.

I did not expect a fight to ensue, but it did.

Within minutes (I was upstairs), there was a huge war cry. I rushed down and Jia-Wen was trying to break up the fight by covering Indy with the floor mat. There was fur everywhere, but mostly Ginger’s fur.

We managed to stop the fight and I carried Indy back, but he already had blood on his shoulder. I checked and it looked like a scratch wound. There was also blood on his paws as there were bloody pawprints on the floor.

Ginger was all wet because in the fight, they toppled the water bowl.

I quickly cleaned Indy’s wound and applied some iodine onto it. Then, I gave him Vetri DMG. Later, I applied the BioSilver spray onto the wound and that seemed to help more than the iodine.

Indy’s wound swelled up (as would mine if I got scratched by any cat), but later subsided.

But even before the fight, Indy had skipped lunch. He didn’t feel like eating. Sometimes, he does that so I just let him be.

I did check on Ginger as well and he seemed unscathed. I gave him Vetri DMG as well.

Both seemed traumatised by the whole fight. Ginger went back to the top of his cage and slept all afternoon while Indy was quiet and in a meatloaf position.

By dinner time, Ginger did not even come to the kitchen. But it was Duck this evening, so I brought him a bowl and luckily, he ate it, so I think he should be fine.

Indy did not seem so well, though. He did not want to eat his fillet or Cubgrub Chicken. I offered Duck and he did not want it either (Duck is new for Indy, though). So I offered some bone broth and luckily, Indy drank this. I then offered some chicken fillet with his favourite liver, but he did not feel like eating.

I was worried that he had already skipped lunch and this was already dinner, so I decided to forcefeed him a few small pieces of chicken fillet and liver. I know forcefeeding isn’t exactly a good option, but I did not want him to go hungry for so many hours.

I also didn’t know if Indy was suffering from mental trauma, an ego-bruise (he had lost in the fight with Ginger) or he was physically unwell. But whatever it is, we would have to wait it out a bit.

I checked the wound and it had already subsided.

Indy slept for many hours but he did look up when I called him.

Meanwhile, Ginger seems fine. I am definitely not going to let Ginger and Indy engage in any close encounter for the next few days.

However, Indy and Ginger used to get along just fine. Indy is also no stranger in the patio – he does come out quite a lot to play too. I know for a fact that Indy is very fair in that he will never attack Ginger. I have, however, seen Ginger using his paw to slap Indy before. Indy did not attack back.

Maybe this time, Indy did.

This was worrying. Indy did not even get up when everyone had supper.

Bone broth to the rescue!

I offered some again, and to my relief, Indy drank it all up!

Bone broth is some sort of a miracle food for dogs and cats. I’ve shared it with two friends and both have seen improvement in their pets. The first was my friend’s dog who had lost all appetite for many days. I passed her some of our bone broth, her dog drank it up and within a few hours, started asking for food again. The second is my Ipoh friend who is nursing a dying cat. The cat had lost all will to live and wasn’t eating. I told my friend about the bone broth, she made some and that perked her cat up.

For those who missed my earlier posts about bone broth, here’s the link:

It’s actually touted as superfood for humans and it works wonders on dogs and cats as well.

Right after the bone broth, Indy totally perked up and I offered some chicken fillet – he ate it!!

Okay, this is good!!

Indy ate THREE helpings!

I hope this means all is well. Indy is eating again.

Oh oh, he is in the meatloaf position again. I think there is still some pain. Hopefully, it will resolve by itself by tomorrow.

Indy soon got up and walked a bit.

I think he should be okay…

We’ll still have to go to the vet’s this week for his B12 injection. His stools are probably gradually improving. It’s still soft, but the amount is small.