Pole and Cleo’s check-up

Along with Indy, we also took Pole and Cleo to the vet’s today.

Now, this is a longer story….

Both don’t travel well in the car, especially Cleo.


Pole has been on subcut three times a week, so her creatinine (274 down to 218 today) and urea readings have come down, which is good (but still a bit high). However, her phosphate level is 1.89 (normal range is 1.00-2.42). Although it’s still normal, the vet prefers to bring it down to below 1.5.

Pole will continue with the three times weekly subcut. The vet says to try Renate, a phosphate binder – it’s a highly palatable powder to be sprinkled onto food.


We reduced Cleo’s subcut to once a week in mid-October when her creatinine went down to an impressive 165 (from the previous 213).  However, with the once-weekly subcut, today, her creatinine shot back up to 210. This means, she needs the twice-weekly subcut again but this is going to be a problem because Cleo is SO stressed from the subcut. Her phosphate level is 1.87. Like Pole, the vet would like to bring it down to below 1.5.

Cleo should also go on Renate.

So we came back with 5 packs of Renate.

Tried it on both – as expected, both thought it was poison and refused to eat their food. Finally, Cleo ate, but did not finish. Pole refused to eat, but was persuaded to eat around the Renate. Maybe she had a bit of it, because within minutes, she vomited everything out.


Bunny ate up the Renate. Yum, yum…

It is almost impossible to feed Pole and Cleo any capsules or tablets. Liquid medication MIGHT be possible with Pole. I don’t know about Cleo. Later today, I’ll have to do subcut for both of them. Please wish me luck.

I did also ask the vet if we could try this: https://www.vetsend.co.uk/virbac-pronefra/.  It is highly recommended by some vets. The vet says it is okay to try. But we should not give both Renate and Pronefra – it’s either one. So, let’s try the Renate first.

I will give it another try later this evening. If Pole still refuses, I will go for the Pronefra already. The description looks good:

These ingredients have the following four vital effects:

  • Calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate help bind phosphate in the gastrointestinal tract, reducing its availability.
  • Chitosan helps to bind urea-toxins in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • The polysaccharides of the Astragalus help maintain normal kidney structure by reducing the progression of fibrosis.
  • The marine oligopeptides contribute to balanced blood pressure.

The power of Pronefra

  • Limits availability of phosphate
  • Binds toxins in the kidneys
  • Supports and maintains normal kidney structure
  • Pronefra contributes to balanced blood pressure

Cow and Bunny were waiting for Pole and Cleo to return home.

We were not able to get any urine sample from Pole or Cleo because both had already emptied their bladders. The vet checked with ultrasound and found both bladders extremely small so we decided not to risk drawing out urine with a needle. Without the urine test, we are unable to stage the CKD. But I think both have some sort of CKD because I’ve noticed the frequent drinking of water.

On the other hand, Bunny and Indy don’t drink frequently at all. Bunny’s phosphate level was an impressive 1.44 about two weeks ago.

Let’s hope we can get their phosphate levels down to 1.5. It isn’t alarming yet, but it’s good to address it when it’s early.

As for their urine, if I can get a sample, I hope I can rush it to any clinic in Subang Jaya to get it tested for UPC and SG. But the challenge is – can I get a sample while they are urinating?

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