Pronefra to the rescue!

I tried the Renate again at dinner time and this time, both Cleo and Pole refused to eat it.

But in the afternoon, as a standby measure, I had already bought over a bottle of Pronefra from my friend, Connie. Connie’s dog LOVES the Pronefra.

Well, dogs are always more obliging, in general. Cats are more picky and fussy.

Cleo and Pole are near-impossible.

So after dinner today, I syringed out the carefully measured Pronefra using a 1ml syringe. The dosage is 1ml per 4kg of body weight for cats.

I tried Cleo first.

Cleo fought and it was impossible to get the syringe anywhere near her mouth. I had no choice but to empty the contents of the syringe into a bowl and try my luck.

Believe it or not….

Cleo happily licked it all up!!  Every single bit, licked the bowl totally clean and even looked up to ask for more.

Then, it was Pole’s turn. This time, I straight away emptied the syringe into a bowl.

Pole….licked it all up very happily!!!

I could not believe my luck.

Cleo and Pole actually liked the Pronefra!!

No need to syringe into their mouths. They are willing to lick it all up. It must be so, so palatable.

About Pronefra:–digestion/pronefra-palatable-oral-suspensi

Let’s hope they still like it tomorrow!

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