And while I was away…..(just how much do cats KNOW?)

…the cats were left in the capable hands of Jia-Wen and Sihui.

I knew we would be leaving the house at 6am for our flight to Tawau, so one month before, I started getting up at 4am to train the cats to eat at as early as 5am.

I was also hoping to transition Indy back to 100% Cubgrub (so that everyone ate only Cubgrub), but that did not materialise as Indy still wanted his Fillet Plus.

So, a day before our departure, I prepared six Tupperwares of Fillet Plus, clearly labelled with Indy’s name. Jia-Wen would only need to feed a maximum of four meals (we would be gone for 36 hours), but just in case of a delay in the flight, I prepared two more.

Before this, not that it was planned but while I was doing “battle” with the hotel front desk last week (story in previous post), I could not get home to feed one meal, so Jia-Wen already had one session of feeding in which Indy and Cleo totally boycotted their food (not surprising, as these two are “difficult” to feed, even for me).

I could not leave the feeding to our part-timer, Sara, which I did the last time we had to go away for a day to attend my mother-in-law’s funeral. Last time, it was canned and kibble and everyone could eat any amount. Sara did a remarkable job – she loves the cats.

Now, they are on raw food and the food had to be measured.

Here’s the latest feeding schedule (three times a day) – the weightages is for Cubgrub Chicken:

Cow: 37g + Primal sprinkles
Bunny: 37g + more (if he asks for it, which he will)
Indy: Fillet Plus (will act up)
Pole: 24g + Primal sprinkles
Cleo: 24g (will act up)

Ginger: 37g (will definitely act up)
Heidi: 27g + NaturVet
Tabs: 27g + Primal sprinkles

So, I could not ask Sara to do this. It would be too complicated for her.

Then, there was also the unexpected antibiotics for Indy (thanks to the Ginger-inflicted wound which happened a few days ago). Jia-Wen had never fed any medicine to any cat before, so it would not be easy for him. There’s also the Ophtal for Bunny, but that can be skipped for a day or two as it is only an eye supplement.

Anyway, I left Jia-Wen and Sihui in charge. 4 meals, max.

On the morning of our departure, I got up at 4am and feeding was done at 5am. I was absolutely and totally baffled by the cats!


Even Cleo stayed obediently at her spot and waited for her food. This NEVER happens on any day. She would wander off to play in the garden, go to the sandpit, then take her own sweet time to come back when she is ready and that’s when everyone else has eaten. The queen must eat privately. But not on that morning of our departure. Cleo stayed with everyone else, ate up all her food and get this – ASKED for more! Cleo NEVER asks for more food. She is an incredibly small eater. Most of the time, she cannot even finish her 24g portion. This time, she finished it all and asked for more.

What is happening here? Does Cleo KNOW that I would be going away and is hence worried that she might not get food later on?

How much do cats actually know???

Indy did not act up too. Normally, he will refuse to eat and would have to be coaxed, but not this morning. He ate up all his food obediently too.

Then came Ginger – the expert at acting up. He too did NOT act up. This would be the greatest surprise (call it “shock”, to be more accurate) of all. Ginger ALWAYS acts up and will do his whining thing in and out of the kitchen. Sometimes, to demand for exotic meats, he will protest and skip an entire meal.

But on that morning, EVEN Ginger did not act up and obediently ate up his 37g portion of Cubgrub Chicken.

Actually, everyone asked for more good that morning. Even Tabs and Heidi. Everyone. So, everyone had more than their allotted portion.

I thought I was dreaming – everyone ate “more than enough” and the feeding session finished very quickly. I gave everyone their medicines (Indy’s antibiotic, Bunny’s eye supplement, Pole’s transdermal hyperthyroid cream) and told them I would be away for one day and that Jia-Wen and Sihui will be looking after them.

They seemed to understand.

I think they already know (how, I don’t know!!) because they ate more than their portions that morning. They asked for more.

At least everyone had eaten and I knew that EVEN IF they were to boycott a meal or two, it would have been alright. No one will starve for more than 36 hours.

So, we left for the airport and I was not worried knowing that they will all be okay.

For the first meal (lunch), Jia-Wen sent a report through whatsapp:

Feeding Report:
Bird (Ginger): Ate. No issue.
Yabs (Tabs): Left a bit, gave to Heidi
Heidi: Ate. No issue. + a bit from Yabs

Cow: Ate. No issue.
Bunny: Ate. No issue. + a bit of Indy’s fillet
Indy: Ate 80% of his fillet. The rest, gave to Bunny.
Pole: Ate. No issue.
Neo (Cleo): Ate. No issue. But had to offer 4 times. The first 3 were poison to her. The 4th time was the charm. 

2nd meal (dinner):

Evening Feeding Report:
Everyone except Indy: Ate their portion happily.

Indy: Does not want to eat anything. Not raw, not fillet, not raw + primal, nothing. Didn’t even finish his afternoon meal, only ate about 80% (the rest was given to Bunny)

Bunny polished up the bowls, but everyone ate about 97% of their share.

I told Jia-Wen not to worry about Indy. He’s like that even with me. He’d be okay. He won’t starve for too long. And for all of Indy’s Fillet Plus, I had measured up to 42g, actually (instead of 37g), so it’s more than enough.


Success!!!!  Indy ate, but I had to sit with him. If I leave, he leaves too. 

Bunny waiting for leftovers!!

Later that night, everyone asked for food again and were given some Cubgrub. Jia-Wen also managed to feed the bone broth (soup) to Indy, Bunny and even Pole! The soup was no problem, of course, because they just love it so much.

Then, Jia-Wen decided he would try to feed Indy the antibiotics. I was all prepared to skip one session if no one could do the antibiotics for Indy.

Succeeded!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????????????  Quite easily, actually!!


The next morning’s report:

All ate. Morning seems to be the easiest!
Pole and Neo (Cleo) asked for extra.
Bunny and Neo finished up Indy’s fillet.
Managed to feed Indy his pill.
Failed to feed Bunny his supplement. Kept spitting it out. I put it in a tupperware on top of his supplement on the kitchen island.
Yabs (Tabs) wants to go into the bedroom. I let her in.

Bunny fought hard for his life when I tried to give him the Ophtal.
Haha, bit me, ran away to hide like a rabbit.
Indy was surprisingly easy (antibiotics). I did it all by myself! Indy is a good person.

Bunny is a bully!!! This is despite him being Jia-Wen’s favourite cat and he gets all the special privileges from Jia-Wen (daily trips to the patio, etc.). And yes, Indy IS a good person. I totally agree.

My husband has this theory that Indy is “actually” a doctor. That’s how he somehow manages to cure himself.

Indeed, who is to say that Indy is NOT a doctor?

Tabs slept on our bed.

With Ginger outside at the patio, our bedroom door can be kept open for Tabs.

By 11.30am, Jia-Wen and Sihui had to go out for an appointment. The cats were all well-fed and fast asleep, so they didn’t need to be fed yet. We should reach home by 1.30pm and I could feed them then.

We were already on board our flight home. The return flight was on a new aircraft (new engine, hence faster) and we landed 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

When we reached home, Tabs and Heidi were there to greet us at the door. Indy was at the grille too, waiting.

I fed them all, except Heidi.

There was vomit on the floor from Heidi. She gets this often – it’s usually bile and grass.

Heidi went to eat her grass (yay!!) and after a few hours, she must have felt better as she asked for food. That is probably why Heidi always asks for NaturVet’s digestive enzymes.

Cats just KNOW, don’t they?

HOW much do they know, exactly???

You know a lot, don’t you, Cow?

Jia-Wen said the by the evening of our departure from home, Cow knew something was not right. He went to the grille and mewed “differently”. On the next morning, he repeated this. He just knew. Maybe he was just worried why I wasn’t around.

Am I glad to be home!!!!!!!!!!!