The raw deal – more surprises!!

Today I decided to feed Cubgrub Rabbit to the ones who would eat it and this would only be Bunny and Ginger.

Yesterday, it was Duck for one meal. So far, seven of them are now willing to eat Duck (everyone except Heidi).

But Heidi has Primal Turkey for rotation so she has two proteins now.

So, I served Rabbit to Bunny and Ginger and decided to try my luck with the rest.

Surprise, surprise!!

The stars must be aligned!!

Guess who else was willing to eat Rabbit today?



Indy is the reason I bought Cubgrub Rabbit, actually. If you remember, there was the case of the owner who could not solve his cat’s chronic diarrhoea problem until he switched his cat over to eating rabbit for 3 months. That solved the problem and after that, the cat could eat other proteins again (including chicken).  But Indy simply refused to eat rabbit earlier on.

Does Indy still have the chronic loose stools now? Well, he’s been on Clavamox for one week because of the Ginger-inflicted wound, so, as before, being on Clavamox firms up the stools. No loose stools for one week but no surprise there.

The test is now since he’s off antibiotics as of today. More about this later.

And guess who else was willing to lick some of the rabbit gravy?

Cow, Pole and Cleo! Yes, all three of them did not mind their food because mixed with some rabbit gravy.

And inside, guess who else ate Rabbit?

The most unlikely of all….


No kidding?

See for yourself!!

So, as of today, we have these cats being willing to eat Cubgrub Rabbit: Ginger, Bunny, Indy and Heidi.

And these being willing to lick some rabbit gravy: Cow, Cleo, Pole. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, Pole even ate some of it.

Only Tabs is not willing, but then, Tabs eats Cubgrub Duck, so she has enough proteins for rotation.

Like it or not, Nature has intended that the best food for cats is:

The final conclusion for today would be this: It takes tremendous patience in this “raw deal”, which is anything but the proverbial “raw deal” because after being on the raw diet for a little over 2 months, the cats are definitely happier, hopefully also healthier and their fur is silky, soft and shiny. After each meal, they are satisfied and completely satiated. Gone are the days of refusing to eat or vomiting out the “rojak food”.