The Yoghurt Cats, other “rabbit” stories and a Utopian concept

Indy finished his antibiotics yesterday (for the Ginger-inflicted wound). This time, I decided to give him probiotics in the form of good old-fashioned yoghurt.

Of course Bunny ate some too. In fact, he loved it!

Indy loved it as well.

And so did Heidi!

I hope the yoghurt will be a more natural treatment for Heidi’s chronic digestive issue.

I buy Farm Fresh yoghurt; I’ve communicated with the CEO and he says all his cows are very well cared for. However, at the end, the sad day still comes when they are sent to slaughter. It’s very, very sad, I know. I’m still looking for a brand of yoghurt where the cows get to live on after their productive years are over. Perhaps my friend Ivan has yoghurt now. His chickens and all his animals are never slaughtered.

The rest of the cats weren’t interested in the yoghurt. I guess they just know what they need. And they will not ask for anything more. That’s something we humans can learn from, isn’t it?

Lin Li of Cubgrub also was so kind to give me some rabbit treats (dehydrated rabbit ears – yes, I know, I know…but what to do – it’s the cat’s ideal food as intended by Nature) because our cats don’t chew much; they tend to swallow all their food whole.  Initially, only Bunny and Indy were willing to eat it (it’s like “keropok”), but today, nobody ate it except Cleo.

Cleo went absolutely CRAZY over it!

Cleo is eating her dehydrated rabbit ears while Bunny sleeps and Pole looks on.

Me no eat bunnies. No, no, no.

Tabs only eats poultry (chicken, duck, turkey).

I know how disturbing it might be to some that we are here talking about eating rabbit, chicken, duck, turkey and other animals. But that’s how Nature intended it to be – there are carnivorous, omnivorous and herbivorous animals and you cannot alter Nature.

And is eating plants anymore merciful, one wonders? Plants have feelings too and this has been researched. Plants can communicate with each other and they send out signals to warn each other. For example, the smell of freshly cut grass is actually the grass’ signal to other grasses that danger is imminent (that they are being cut – yikes!).

If we could, I wish we are all like plants where we make our own food internally and we don’t have to eat anything at all!  Then, nobody eats anybody, plant or animal!

And we will all be green – we will have chlorophyll and all we need would be just sunshine! A tweaked Avatar species where instead of blue, we are all green! Now, that would be a Utopia.

Alas, that is just not possible. It’s such an imperfect world, isn’t it?

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