Ginger….why, oh why?

Ginger has issues….

Issue 1: He only wants exotic meats and he doesn’t like chicken. But exotic meats are expensive, Ginger, and we cannot afford to give it to you on a daily basis. As it is, he’s already having his exotics every 2 days. So, he goes on hunger strike on chicken days. And he eats like nobody’s business on exotic meats days. However, not to worry, because his weight is still 6kg. No hope of losing weight despite the mogok lapar on ayam days.

Issue 2: He wants to be the Christmas model for the AnimalCare Christmas card. He’s been really jealous that Heidi was the model that day, so today, he sprayed on Heidi’s flowers (yes, it’s artificial but I don’t think I can wash them as it’s some sort of paper material). Sigh…

Then, I tried to take some photos with Tabs on the piano.

Guess what Ginger did? He jumped onto the piano and chased poor Tabs down during the photo shoot and took Tabs’ place on the piano top. Then, he went after Tab’s flowers repeatedly – he tried to spray on them, but when that failed, he knocked the flowers down from wherever I put them. Hello Ginger, that’s an expensive flower arrangement, please! Yes, it’s artificial but if it’s messed up, I don’t have the artistic sense to rearrange it back.

I had to spray some disinfectant on my flower arrangement and put it on top of the fridge to dry….

….and remove all access for Ginger to climb onto the top of the fridge. I doubt he can, but then again, you’ll never know.  Because Indy could jump onto the top of this very fridge. He actually did it.

I only managed two shots with Tabs….

….before Ginger jumped up to chase her off the piano.

Then, as though that’s not enough, he sneaked out when Jia-Wen went to work. I was right there, but he sneaked out in a flash of lightning (not literally, it wasn’t raining) and vanished into thin air in TWO seconds flat!

I’m not exaggerating here. He really did. You’d think he’s obese and cannot move fast? Well, think again.

I rushed out to look for him. Poof!! Gone!! Nowhere to be found.

He eventually came back after an hour or so and waited in the porch…

I want my exotic meats and I demand to be in the Christmas card!!

How about we give you a turkey dinner tonight instead? Boleh?

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