A Christmas treat for everyone!

As promised, everyone got turkey for dinner on Christmas eve!

Everyone’s Christmas eve dinner!

Pole has been getting a bit picky lately and I know the signs, she needs a treat of Coco & Joe’s. Everyone needs a change of taste once in a while.

And I was right!

This is her THIRD helping – eating like she has not eaten for days? But she has!

The biggest surprise was Cow. Cow was practically mewing for Coco & Joe’s – he too needs a change? But Cow does not like change.

Oh, but he guzzled up Coco & Joe’s Turkey Recipe like a food vacuum.

Bunny, Cleo, Tabs and Heidi preferred to stick with Cubgrub Chicken and Duck. Ginger went for Coco & Joe’s Turkey, of course, plus Cubgrub Duck. And Indy had a bit of everything – Cubgrub, Primal and Coco & Joe’s!

Ginger: Hey Heidi, I’m also on the Christmas card….not just you! Hah!!