Indy’s bone broth

I have shared this many times, but would like to do it again, in case anyone missed it.

The bone broth recipe:

  1. Chicken carcass or any bones
  2. Water
  3. Apple cider vinegar
  4. Boil for more than 24 hours (slow cook)

I found out about this superfood for dogs and cats when I was desperately trying to find a solution to Indy’s chronic loose stool problem. It was in a raw feeding FB group where someone suggested it.

It helped Indy a lot.

Bone broth is touted to be very healing to the liver and the gut – for humans! It works for dogs and cats too, of course.

So despite being on raw food, it was the raw feeding group that suggested giving bone broth to Indy.  Dr Karen Becker, proponent of raw feeding, also makes bone broth for her pets.

Indy still drinks his bone broth daily. Bunny likes it too. I normally make a batch with the slow cooker and freeze the portions. Then, thaw in fridge and serve.  It can also be warmed up in a hot water bath if the pet prefers it warmer.

Here’s Indy drinking his bone broth today. It’s good that he drinks as it would contribute to his fluid intake. Indy is no longer on subcut now.


He doesn’t eat the bits of overcooked chicken pieces, though. It’s Ginger and Heidi who love it. There’s not much nutrients left in the meat because it’s all been extracted into the broth after boiling for more than 24 hours.

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