Cleo Patra’s demands

Cleo refuses to have her subcut “together” at the same time with Bunny and Pole’s. She wants hers on a separate day.

Oh well….

When she “knows” it’s time for subcut, she goes and hides and it’s impossible to catch her. She would either go up onto the ledge (no, I am not climbing up there) or she hides under the bench and you’ll get bitten if you try to drag her out.

Pole also hides, but she is easier to deal with. She also gets stressed out after subcut and might boycott the next meal.

Bunny, of course, has NO problems at all with subcut. He is totally relaxed and even takes a nap during each session. I can totally handle him alone and can even use both hands to change the bottle mid-session with the needle still inserted.

They are so different, right?

Cleo’s subcut.

Two people are definitely needed. One to distract her with lots of praises, right to her face and I’ll be the one administering the fluids. But I need to hold her down firmly. The moment she senses that I relax my grip, she would make a jump and everything falls off!

I wish there was another way for Pole and Cleo. The procedure really stresses them out. Bunny and Indy are both okay. Bunny is totally relaxed; Indy is a little stressed, but still okay. Vincent and Zurik, previously, were okay too. Is it a boy vs girl thingie?

Indy doesn’t need subcut anymore since his creatinine went down to 115 the last time (12th November 2019).

These are Pole and Cleo’s supplements and they are all supposed to help with their early kidney issues: Coatex fish oil (Cleo refuses to take it in her food, so it’s only for Pole now), Pronefra as a phosphate binder and it contains astragalus which is supposed to help slow down degeneration of kidney structures. But as advised by the vet, they are only on half dose of Pronefra since both phosphate levels are only at the slightly higher end of the normal range. Both refuse to lick Pronefra on their own now, but since it’s a liquid, I can wipe it on their mouths. Cordy Plus is cordyceps and it’s a known TCM herb for kidneys and is also an immune booster. So far, I failed to pill Pole (yes, she bit me), but I managed to pound it into a powder and mix it with the Pronefra. For Cleo, I haven’t dared to try anything yet. I want to heal from Pole’s bite wounds first. My finger is still swollen.

Cleo has had this skin problem for, let me count….I think, nine years? Or perhaps more.

She bites off her fur at the flanks, probably due to excessive stress. Self-inflicted stress, I would say.

It’s “just” a cosmetic problem, so since that’s what it is, I’ll just let it be.

There…biting again.

When Tabs was living in Bunny’s Place, she too had this hair loss (balding) problem. In fact, it was exactly like Cleo’s – it was at the flanks too. But after moving out, the problem stopped entirely and Tabs has beautiful thick fur now. Exceptionally soft too, after going on 100% raw.

Cleo is also a very fussy and picky eater.

I have to alternate Cubgrub with Coco & Joe’s for her.

This bench is MINE! All mine!

Be careful what you name your cats – they will grow into their names. Do not give queenly names to female calicos!

WHAT did you say? 

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