Heidi’s protest

We’ve been hearing quite a bit about protests here and there in our local human community, haven’t we?

Well, no exception with the cats. But it’s not about Jawi, race or religion – thank goodness, right?

Heidi LOVES her kitchen rack and ever since we bought it, it’s been her permanent home. Gone are the days where she needed to “shift nests” (migrate) or steal someone else’s dwelling place (especially Tabs’ baskets). She would spend hours sleeping in her kitchen rack…..

….until one day, about 5 days ago, Cow stepped onto her rack.

Yes, he did. Stepped only. Did not sleep or lie down. Just STEPPED onto it.

And ever since then, Heidi refused to get onto her rack.

Self-imposed “SEKAT”?

Day 1: NO.

Day 2: I even changed the cloth (it’s another pink cloth, freshly laundered), wiped the whole rack clean, but no.

Day 3: NO!

Day 4: NO!

Day 5: NO!

Day 6: Ok…at last! Phew…

Tak payah sekat-sekat, kan? Life is short.

Even cats know it’s time to stop the protests. Hello, Hongkees?

P.S. I studied Jawi in school. It was part of the BM curriculum then (more than 3 pages too). No biggie. I also attended Agama classes and took part in nasyid (sang in Arabic too). No biggie either. Life is short. Please.

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