Neutering aid for 1 dog in Semenyih 2 (Yong Hui San & Liu Wei Zhong’s))

We have provided an aid of RM150 for the neutering of this dog.

Ms Yong is a new applicant and her husband, Mr Liu Wei Zhong, wrote the email below.

My name is LIU WEI ZHONG and I’m the husband of the applicant YONG HUI SAN. I’ve attached 1 PDF file, containing the official receipt of the neutering of my pet dog Raphael, application form with the stamp of the Vet, and the photo of POS EKSPRES. Hence a total of 3 pages in 1 PDF for your easy referencing. There is also a photo collage attached. I hope you may have time to read the follows. It will mean the world to us.

WRITEUP about my dog:
On 1st Sept my wife Hui San brought back 6 stray puppies from an abandoned bus stop in TAMAN PELANGI SEMENYIH 2. She had been feeding them there for about a month already prior to bringing them back home. Since then we have been feeding them, bringing them all to check ups. Unfortunately during the first week at my home, we discovered that they caught the CANINE PARVO VIRUS and to date, only 4 out of 6 survived. We were heartbroken but still we tried to care for all of the sick puppies until they fully recovered, buying vetri DMGs and the best recovery food we could find. Our initial plan was to give them away to shelters or adopters hoping that they would find loving homes. But since the CPV episode, we have developed a strong bond with them. And as of now there are 2 dogs left at our home, for we have given away 2 dogs to new owners via And we do plan to keep both Raphael and his sister Meimei ( whom we will be applying for your aid again next month hopefully, after spaying her) with us for as long as they shall live.

We named the 1st survivor Raphael, whom we neutered and are now applying aid for. I sincerely plead and hope that our application will be graciously approved. It has been quite financially taxing these few months since September because we were not ready for the fostering of so many lives in our new home(we have just moved in immediately after getting married). But still we couldn’t see them suffer by the bus stop therefore we took them in.

If by any reason we are unsuccessful with the application I still hope we could keep in touch, and we hope to be of help to your organisation in future.

Thankyou for your time,
Yours truly,
Wei Zhong

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