A look at 2019 and onward to 2020!

Dear Donors, Supporters and Well-Wishers,

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade!!

As always, please allow us to express our grateful appreciation to everyone who has made it possible for us to help street animals for more than ten years now…and counting!

Here’s what we managed to do in 2019:

Neutering & Vaccination Aid

No of animals Amount (RM) No of animals Amount (RM)
Jan-19 112 7,860.00
Feb-19 28 2,090.00
Mar-19 64 4,700.00 13 325.00
Apr-19 55 3,300.00 17 425.00
May-19 41 3,050.00 13 325.00
Jun-19 27 2,760.00 5 125.00
Jul-19 23 2,350.00 10 250.00
Aug-19 47 6,030.00 20 500.00
Sep-19 45 4,972.25 8 200.00
Oct-19 26 3,010.00 1 25.00
Nov-19 34 4,015.00 14 350.00
Dec-19 36 4,455.00 12 300.00
TOTAL 538 48,592.25 113 2825.00

At the end of 2018, we made a policy change whereby our neutering aid would only be channeled to those who were able to show proof of their CNRM work. This is because without the C=Care and M=Manage components, neutered animals were left to fend for themselves on the street and many ended up being caught by the authorities while some would migrate elsewhere due to lack of food and care. This defeats the purpose of using CNRM as a means of population control, for stabilising colonies and providing better care for street animals.

Please do refer to this: https://myanimalcare.org/2019/04/05/the-difference-between-cnrm-and-tnr/

We revived our Vaccination Aid in March 2019.

Food Aid

FOOD AID Amount (RM)
Jan-19 8,347.35
Feb-19 2,626.00
Mar-19 6,201.90
Apr-19 4,579.65
May-19 4,354.48
Jun-19 9,850.84
Jul-19 5,794.92
Aug-19 5,453.12
Sep-19 3,684.29
Oct-19 13,471.73
Nov-19 23,437.15
Dec-19 15,030.82
TOTAL       102,832.25

The food aid is only a stop-gap for now because we have sufficient reserve funds for neutering and vaccination. So, all new donations and excess funds will be channeled to food aid for the following 4 shelters: PAWS, Mun Mun Furry Sanctuary, Imm’s Shelter and CK Shelter.

Recipients of the neutering aid: https://myanimalcare.org/category/aid-neuter/

Recipients of the vaccination aid: https://myanimalcare.org/category/aid-vacc-med/

Recipients of the food aid: https://myanimalcare.org/category/aid-food/

We would like to thank Avant Pet Sdn Bhd, Ecopet Sdn Bhd and Adirondack Sdn Bhd for helping us fundraise through their products for many years now. We would also like to thank Huey and Wah of GeekyHost for sponsoring our domain name and website hosting and providing technical help whenever we needed.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been supporting all that we do, especially whenever the going got tough! Utmost gratitude also to the few silent volunteers who have contributed so much time, effort, technical know-how, suggestions, commitment, patience and moral support in assisting me through thick and thin. Without your help, I might have closed AnimalCare many times over already!

To the applicants – thank you very much for all that you do for the animals and for your honesty, integrity and sincerity. We are deeply honoured to have been able to be a small part of your noble efforts in helping street animals.

To all supporters, well-wishers and readers – thank you for being there.

Our plans for 2020: To continue doing what we do, as long as we can!

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