Ginger is okay

I should have updated yesterday, actually, but yesterday was a busy day for us.

Ginger is alright. I had feared that he may have lost in the fight with Bushy White on New Year’s Eve, but my fears were, thankfully, unfounded.

It’s more than 24 hours now and there are no visible signs of any injury or any fever. His appetite is good (as long as it’s exotic meats, that is).

All appears to be normal.

Yesterday he was standing (sitting?) guard at Stargate2.

Bushy White has not been sighted since that big fight. This is normally the case with the two of them. Once they have a fight, Bushy White will not be around for sometime.

I’m so glad Ginger is fine.

Looks like he won that fight, after all. But we will do everything possible to not let him escape again. The only problem is, he can be very sneaky and believe it or not, EXTREMELY fast when he wants to sneak out.

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