Ginger to vet’s (Bushy White got him, after all)

Soon after coming back from the emergency vet visit with Pole, Ginger had tearing in his right eye and it was red and swollen.

So, it’s off to the vet’s for the second time today – this time, to our regular vet.

Ginger was examined thoroughly. His third eyelid is nipped. So, Bushy White got to him, after all. There are also scratches on his neck and pinhole punctures on his head.

Since he is FIV+, the vet says it would be better to put him on antibiotics, so Clavamox it is. Plus an eyedrop. All for 7 days. Ginger was also given an NSAID anti-inflammatory injection.

So we came home…

The right eye is injured.

I gave him his Clavamox. The vet had already put the eyedrop at the clinic.

Then, you won’t believe what happened. Even I don’t believe it….

Ginger escaped again. I will spare you the details.

Our part-time cleaner and I went up and down the road to look for him. Nowhere to be found. I spoke to Buddy to ask for help again. I feared Ginger would go look for Bushy White for a rematch. Then what? Another trip to the vet’s?  Sigh…

Thankfully, after 20 minutes, right after speaking with Buddy, we found him sitting in the porch, right eye squinting. I approached ever so slowly and he didn’t move. Caught him.

So, he’s back now.

Ginger, at the rate you escape and your desperate need to go out, do you think we should put you in Bunny’s Place? But I don’t think you will survive the Cow Clan’s bullying – you might just end up with more injuries and more trips to the vet’s.

POLL: Should we put Ginger in Bunny’s Place?


It’s only the second into the new decade and I’ve made two trips to the vet’s! Just goes to show…that’s life. Sh..t happens.

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