Pole has UTI again (an “emergency”)

Pole had UTI on 31st July 2019.

This morning, she was active as usual, but did not want to eat at all. For Pole, that means something is not right.

Then, I noticed her squatting many times. There was no urine.

That’s classic UTI.

It was 6am and the vets are still closed, but I recently found out about the 24-hour vet hospital nearby, so I called and confirmed there is a vet there.

Since I’ve had UTI before and I know how excruciating the pain is, I decided to rush Pole there even though she didn’t seem to be in pain.  Cats hide pain too well. She was squatting many times and also licking her private parts.

So, we used Waze and that got us to the hospital. It was still dark.

The vet checked and assured me there is no blockage (phew! That would be my main worry.) She said that for cats on subcut, they tend to urinate more, so UTI is not uncommon.

I brought all of Pole’s blood test results to show the vet too and I said the last time, she was on Clavamox, so the vet decided to also prescribe Clavamox for 7 days. I also remember the previous vet in July prescribed a VetPlus capsule but it was impossible to feed that to Pole.

Pole cannot be pilled. At all.

It was only upon returning home that I checked her records (on this blog) and found that the vet in July also prescribed 3 days of anti-inflammatory and put her on a urinary diet.

Since Pole refused to eat, I had to forcefeed her some Coco&Joe’s (that’s her current favourite) before attempting to give her the liquid Clavamox. It was nightmare trying to give her the meds. Only 1ml, but still a total nightmare.

I might try the urinary diet since the last time, she was willing to eat it. She needs some food before the antibiotics.

Still squatting many times now…poor Pole.

Normally, the problem will resolve within 1 day on antibiotics. Sometimes, it’s even faster. I hope the meds work.

P.S. Had to take Ginger to the vet’s.  Pole has an anti-inflammatory liquid to add to the treatment.


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