Pole and Ginger’s updates

I should have updated earlier, but this time, I was really busy!

Pole stopped having the frequent urge to urinate on that very afternoon itself! From previous experience (including my own), that is normally the case. The pain of UTI is excruciating, but with antibiotics, the problem normally resolves in less than a day.

I also took Ginger to the vet on that same day and managed to learn a bit more about Pole’s UTI. I was told earlier that cats on subcut may get UTI more easily (at the emergency hospital where I took Pole) because they would be urinating more frequently and the chances of infection would be higher. But our regular vet explained that it is because while on subcut, the urine is more diluted and infection might set in more easily. Normal urine has a function to kill off bacteria, so when more diluted, it loses its efficacy in this function (of killing bacteria). Makes sense, doesn’t it? Our vet also prescribed an anti-inflammatory for Pole but only for two days. She says that normally, for female, UTI is due to inflammation (maybe not even due to an infection). Anyway, Pole had already started on Clavamox so we will complete the 7-day course. I also asked about putting Pole on the urinary diet for a few days and if that might help, but the vet said that due to Pole’s kidney condition, the urinary diet is not advised. Pole should only be on her normal diet.

Anyway, Pole is fine now, so all is good.

She was already eating very well in that afternoon itself.

Ms Poldrey Helpburn!

Pole, Cleo and Cow are on a Coco&Joe craze right now.

As for Ginger, well…..

Yes, he is fine too, but he still squints a bit.

Ginger is also on a 7-day course of Clavamox due to the many pinhole punctures on his head and some scratches on his neck and ear (all dried up), plus an eyedrop for his inflamed eyes and the nipped third eyelid.

Compared to Pole, Ginger is SO easy to medicate – pill and eyedrop. Pole is on liquid Clavamox (it’s manageable…if you know how).

I said I only want duck, remember?  Only duck. Don’t mix any chicken into it. I am on a chicken strike. I only want exotics and now I’m sick, so, I should get ONLY what I want. Or else…I will escape again and I might get beaten up by Bushy White again and then you have to spend another RM100 on me. So, give me my PURE duck and all my PURE exotics and I might not escape….

And I want only Cubgrub, okay? Don’t go mixing some other food for me. Don’t think I don’t know….I’m a cat. 

Duhh…good grief…just eat, will ya? 

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