“Mama, Let’s Go for a Walk at Padang Assam” (helping AnimalCare’s friend)

Dear Friends,

I am making a personal appeal here to help a friend of AnimalCare, Mr Edward Lim Kwan Kean, who helped us raise funds during Jon Tham’s cycling event last year. Edward, his wife, Vivienne Ngiu (who is also my ballet teacher) and their son, Chevaston, were travelling along the Seremban highway on their family vacation on New Year’s Eve when a dog suddenly dashed onto the road and Edward had to swerve to avoid hitting the dog.

Their car overturned and Vivienne is now in complete paraplegia, suffering fractures in her spine.  The rehabilitation is expected to stretch up to 2 years with an estimated cost of RM350,000.00.  Vivienne does not have medical insurance or personal accident insurance.

Edward is an extremely kind man who does not think twice when it comes to helping people, and expects nothing in return. He has helped me with my muscle and joint aches many times, free of charge and I am sure he does this for many others too.  He runs the Little Wonders Cafe which only began operating last month.

Vivienne is an extremely talented and very caring ballet teacher. She was the only teacher who said I could still learn ballet at this age despite my knee problems and she has been nothing short of encouraging in her very fun and enjoyable lessons.

Friends have started a crowdfunding to help them through this challenging period and I would like to personally support this endeavour too.

Please help, if you can.  Every bit helps.

Let Chevaston walk with his mum and dad again!

Here is the link: https://sjecho.com.my/community/mama-lets-go-for-a-walk-at-padang-assam/

Bank: Public Bank Berhad Malaysia
Beneficiary: Edward Lee Kwan Kean
Account Number: 4972671124

An update: Vivienne is in high spirits and is taking this challenge very courageously in her stride. She has even arranged for one of her best students to take over our ballet class tomorrow. Her bravery and positivism are nothing short of amazing.

A personal message from Edward’s best friend, Mr Ivan Chong: 


Dear all,

On the eve of 2020, tragedy has struck a dear childhood friend of mine, Edward Lee together with his wife (Vivienne Ngiu) and their 4 year old son. They were on the Seremban Expressway, en route to their first family vacation of the year, when a stray dog suddenly dashed out onto the expressway. As a knee-jerk reaction, Edward swerved to avoid hitting the dog, lost control of the vehicle, crashed into a divider and overturned.

Whilst Edward walked away with a nasty gash on his head and his son thankfully unscathed, the accident has changed their lives forever as it has left Vivienne in a state of Complete Paraplegia. Her spine has multiple fractures and dislocated at T5 and T6. She also suffers from several broken ribs, fractured left scapula and a head concussion. She has now lost complete sensory and motor function of her body from the chest down.

Both Vivienne and Edward make an honest and humble living by operating a ballet and dance academy called Dancers Dreams in SS18 Subang Jaya. Vivienne is the principal and head ballet teacher of the academy whilst Edward supports the business from an administration perspective. Because of Vivienne’s spinal injury, their only source of income is now greatly impacted. The spinal surgeon gravely told them that it is highly likely that Vivienne will forever require the assistance of a wheelchair. This means that she will no longer be able to dance and teach ballet the way she used to. However, through your kind gestures, we can collectively help her at least be a mother again to her one and only child.

On the 2nd of January 2020, Vivienne underwent a 7-hour surgery to realign and stabilize her spine. 12 screws and a several rods were put in place to stabilize her spine. She would need to be in ICU for at least 2 weeks. This is only the beginning of the long recovery process. She is expected to stay in hospital for a few weeks to up to 3-4 months to do aggressive physio therapy and to manage any secondary complications. Because of the severity of the injury, the rehabilitation process is estimated to take up to 2 years.

Unfortunately, Vivienne is not covered by medical insurance and medical costs are rapidly stacking up. Coupled with the fact that Vivienne is now unable to work in the only job she has known since she was 16 years old, they would require financial assistance. This short write-up is a call for an urgent funding assistance from any kind soul who comes across their story. They estimate that the medical cost would snowball up to RM350,000 (SGD115k). This shortfall is on top of already pouring their entire life savings into the costly and urgent treatment thus far.

Having known them for almost 3 decades, they are one of the kindest people I have met and are selfless in helping others in times of need regardless of their situation and expects nothing in return. Although Edward does not like imposing this burden on others but as their closest friend, I am stepping up to appeal that we all help this kind man and his family get back on their feet. Please if anyone could spare some change, the multiplication factor through volume would greatly help them ease the situation a little. Should you wish to transfer any donations directly, you may do so to:

Bank: Public Bank Berhad Malaysia
Beneficiary: Edward Lee Kwan Kean
Account Number: 4972671124

To ensure transparency of monies received and being put to actual use of treatment, a full disclosure of expenditures will be shared. We strongly encourage donors to leave their contact information for us to share how your contributions have helped. However, we will respect your decision to remain anonymous should you decide to.

For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Ivan Chong at +6012 232 1225 or Oscar Low at +6012 976 8370.

Thank you and may God bless your kind gestures.

Ivan Chong

Photo courtesy of SJ Echo

A final update: https://www.malaymail.com/news/life/2020/01/06/facebook-sos-for-help-sees-friend-meet-rm300000-target-in-a-day-for-injured/1825200?fbclid=IwAR2fG2JjTQyAFJumGimckspGNwpUPgE8a4xjJVw2wmkYwInrG3xWki8AB-E

The RM300,000 target has been achieved!  Thank you very much for helping!!

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