Neutering aid for 1 cat in Cheras (Lum Kah Wai’s) & Updates

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM95 for the neutering of this cat.

Mr Max Lum has updated us on his previous cats below.

I want to submit neutering aid application for Sushi. I have attached the picture collage together with this email. I will be taking care of Sushi and the other cats as well.
His previous vaccination aids application can be found in here:
1st Vaccination
2nd Booster Vaccination
I also have attached a picture of all my cats for you. Just an update about all of them and to thank you Dr. Chan for your help on providing aid for vaccination and neutering. Taken on 1st Jan 2020. (I have tried my best to fit in all cats into 1 picture without having them running and playing around).
3 of the male cats, Jamal, Kopi and Susu are caged because they haven’t neutered yet. Need to avoid them from Milo(female, haven’t neutered) to prevent pregnancy.
Now I have extra 2 more new cat  members in my small family.
1. Jamal (male) was rescued on July 2019 through a WhatsApp cat group I joined. Fungus and diarrhea. Brought him to vet for check up and meds.
Milo (female) was stray who choose to ‘lepak’ at my car porch for 1 whole month before I adopt her on Dec 2019 after confirmed she does not belong to any of the neighbors.
Mamee, Ratu and Rambo have been neutered from your previous aid Dr. Chan. Now they have fully recovered and gained weight (a lot!) and very ‘manja’ too.
Neutering aid for them Mamee, Ratu and Rambo is here:
Hope this new year 2020 will bring good health and good luck to all of us and our furkids.
Thank you Dr. Chan.
Lum Kah Wai
I still have 3 male cats(Jamal, Susu and Kopi) and 1 female cat(Milo) to be neutered.
I have read and understand the aid is priority for CNRM-animals. I am not sure if my cats fit into the category since I took them from the streets when they are small, neuter them when they are at age and find new forever home for them or if nobody want to adopt them, I am taking care of them at my home.
I do still manage and feed the street cats at my office area together with one auntie on daily basis. Here is a picture of a street cat who waits for me to feed her  everyday morning when I arrived to my office and when I close my office after work. She is already neutered.
Thank you.
Our response:
Keep up the good work, Max and Auntie!

We can help you with these 4 indoor ones, but hope you don’t take in anymore as too many might become a stressor for you, esp when we are talking about caring for them for life.  Not easy to find good adopters.

We can help you with the ones outside as these are CNRM-cats.

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