Ginger’s grand (but short) escape!

You will not believe how sneaky and lightning-fast Ginger is until you actually experience it.

Yesterday, Ming-Yi and Yui Ping dropped in and the moment the door was open, Ginger dashed out. Yes, in a split second (no exaggeration there). He has developed a new modus operandi for his escapes now – he will not attempt to do it when we open the door from the inside. He does it when someone comes and opens the door from the OUTSIDE – this way, the person outside would not know he is just hiding behind the door.

Why have cats not taken over the world, right?

So, Ming-Yi immediately went after him and found him outside by the road, but the moment he saw her, he jumped into the drain.

That’s it.

You wait.

After about half an hour, we spotted him on the ledge, coming back from the back (Mr G’s former house). I suspect Ginger wanted to visit Mr G (we also suspect Mr G could be his father because Daffodil was so small yet Rosie and Ginger are/were so big) but Mr G and family moved last year.

We called him back but he just wasn’t ready to come back yet. So, he went back towards Mr G’s former house, along the ledge. The whole Cow Clan was on high alert in Bunny’s Place, all looking up towards the ledge at the unfolding of the episode.

From the ledge, Ginger jumped onto our roof. We then frantically rushed upstairs to open every available window to try to entice him to come back, but he just wasn’t ready to do so.

From our roof, he “tormented” us by passing by every window and not coming in. We were clearly like mad people calling him to come in but he just walked past and paid no attention to our frantic cries.

From our roof, he went to the next door neighbour’s roof (on the right).

In barely two minutes or so he was spotted on yet the other neighhour’s roof (on the left). How he got from the right neighbour to the left so quickly without appearing on our roof, I really don’t know. It seemed impossible. Perhaps there is a secret roof passage that we do not know about?

By then, I was already shaking our Greenies jar. We do not have kibble in the house anymore nowadays. Luckily we still have half a packet of Greenies left (to make noise to attract Ginger).

Ginger was about to go to Zurik’s hideout on the left neighbour’s roof. If he does, it would be very hard to get him back unless he comes back on his own.

Shake, shake, shake!!!

Suddenly, it started to work! Ginger made an about-turn and started heading towards the Greenies!

Yum, yum….Greenies!!

No, no…don’t go back to the roof…no, please. Here….Greenies!!

AND…it’s a wrap, folks!!!


Photos courtesy of Yui Ping!

From the garbage compartment here, I let him eat from the jar first, then carried him back into the house (he tried to struggle loose) and gave him more in the kitchen. Between he and Heidi, they almost finished the whole jar.

The Cow Clan demanded for Greenies too (as they too “helped” in this operation, yes they did – by “looking”) so the rest of the jar was distributed to the entire 5-member Cow Clan.

Tabs was still upstairs, trying to help get Ginger back from the window, oblivious to the successful completion of the rescue operation downstairs.

After that was done, I immediately ordered 6 more packs of Greenies from Shopee!

The End

P.S. I figured one way of minimising Ginger’s escapes would be to build a foyer in the porch, just outside the front door, with a grille. That way, even if Ginger escapes through the front door, there is a space outside secured by another grille. A friend of mine actually did this in her house! It can double up as protection against shoe thieves too!

Good luck with your foyer and if ever that’s done, please consider buying another one of these deck chairs for me, ya?  For your “foyer” – ‘coz that’s where I’d be. 

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