Happy little Betsy (Day 3)

An update on 13th Jan 2020: Betsy is now adopted by Connie and Connie will cover all her medical expenses including the 3rd eyelid flap surgery. This is now no longer a one-off special project for us. 

Here are some photos of happy little Betsy on Day 3:

Betsy has already made friends with all of Connie’s dogs!

Lounging with Wendy

Sleeping with Wendy

Eating Primal Freeze-Dried, her staple food.

A close-up of the 3rd eyelid flap.

She is so, so happy despite the 3rd eyelid flap!

Short summary: Betsy was found by a good samaritan and brought to the clinic. Her owner was contacted by the clinic but the owner did not want Betsy anymore. However, Betsy needed an urgent eye surgery to save her eye (or have it removed). Connie offered to foster Betsy during recovery and Mun Mun offered to adopt Betsy, so this is our special one-off project to save Betsy. We are sponsoring Betsy’s eye surgery, eventual spaying and her medical needs until she goes to Mun Mun and her new forever home.