Look, Ginger, look…..!!!

In the middle of last night, I was awakened by an intense screaming and yowling of several cats (not our cats).

It sounded like a huge cat fight somewhere outside.

Now, I’ve seen cat fights on the road before and it’s very scary because in the heat of the fight, they pay no attention to anything else but the fight. And we have several speedsters on our road who have a tendency of driving back at odd hours, especially in the wee hours of the morning. If they speed in a housing estate, you can bet they don’t care about little animals on the road.

So, I decided this morning to do something to decrease the chances of Ginger escaping from the front door again.

Instead of building a foyer, we’d try netting up the front door first. It isn’t 100% Ginger-proof, but something is better than nothing.

While it was being netted up, Ginger and Heidi were locked out in the patio. These two are escape-artists. Tabs is okay.

Stay out there first, Ginger….something’s a-happening here….hehehe.

We did not net it all the way up because (1) we didn’t have enough netting and (2) it’s only to try to prevent his lightning escapes in between our legs when we open the door. We are fully aware that he can climb, but surely he would take some time to climb, right?


Husband said the moment it was done, Ginger dashed towards the front door only to stop right in front of the netting.


Looks like he isn’t as perceptive as his mum, Daffodil. When we fortified Stargate2 with the plastic sheets, Daffodil came to look while it was being built, then went upstairs to sleep on our bed (“Don’t waste my time…they have fool-proofed it”). After that, she did not even try.

Heidi checking it out.

We are not going to leave the front door open at all, of course. This is just to decrease the chances of Ginger escaping when we open the front door. Note: I did not say “prevent”. I said “decrease the chances”.

Tabs reassuring Ginger that staying indoors isn’t such a bad deal…

He’s clearly upset.

It took us sometime to get used to staying indoors too, when we moved here 8 years ago. But we are fine now….

Our cats were all CNRM-cats in our old house, but when we moved here, we had to confine them because we were worried they might try to run back to the old neighbourhood. So, we built the whole backyard into a cat-place which has a shaded pantry as well as the back room. There’s a lot of space for 5 cats. At that time, it was 7 cats who came over – Cow, Bunny, Pole, Cleo, Indy, Tiger and Tabs. Tiger passed on and Tabs moved out to the rest of the house. Then, we had the new CNRM-cats comprising Daffodil, Rosie, Ginger, Vincent, Timmy, Heidi, Zurik, Bosco, Raven, etc.

I’d like it to be known that I am NOT happy about this whole thing….

You are depriving a cat of his freedom. 

But Ginger, do you know that you have maybe three times more space than what you find in a Hong Kong apartment? Maybe even four times? It’s not like you are being caged, you know….

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