Queen Cleo’s subcut session today

For those who are reading this for the first time, I have done subcut for the following: Rosie, Vincent, Zurik, Bunny, Indy, Pole…and Cleo. For all the boys, I do it single-handedly. Why, I can even change the bottle midway for Bunny. Rosie was our first subcut patient, so I had help then.

I have also done single-handedly for Pole and Cleo. Cleo needed 5 needles, so I now get help when doing for Pole and Cleo.

It is wise to get help.

Bunny and Pole had their subcut sessions yesterday. Cleo had gone into hiding under the bench and when husband tried to get her out, she bit him.

So, we postponed it to this morning.

But she already knew….

We couldn’t find her in Bunny’s Place…

There she is!

With my bad knees, I wasn’t going to climb up.

Pujuk session No. 1

Pujuk session No. 2

Pujuk session No. 3


But just before the first needle went in, despite being held, she leapt up and jumped off the table.

So a second needle was needed. That was successful.

And, here’s the funny thing….how does Cleo know when the 200ml is done?

Because numerous times, including today, just as we reached 200ml (without saying a word), she would lunge forward thereby making the needle fall off just in time.

HOW does she know?  

Do you think she can actually FEEL the volume of fluids going in?  That must be it, right?

If cats were bigger animals, they would definitely be ruling the earth now, wouldn’t they?

We did rule the earth…we did. 

Do you still….now?

You tell me…aren’t you slaving for us? 

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