The raw deal: An update

I’ve been busy and haven’t had time to write about our raw-feeding adventures.

Here’s the latest (in order of preference, as per today):

Cow: Coco n Joe, Cubgrub, Primal
Bunny: Cubgrub, Coco n Joe, Primal and everything else
Pole: Coco n Joe, Primal
Cleo: Coco n Joe, raw chicken
Indy: Raw chicken, Cubgrub, Coco n Joe, Primal
Ginger: Cubgrub (only exotics, no chicken), raw chicken
Heidi: Cubgrub, raw chicken
Tabs: Cubgrub, Primal

Everyone eats at least 3 proteins now. I rotate every day.

Cleo had a bit of problems the last two days – she wasn’t quite interested in eating. I finally found the trick – top it with raw liver.

Heidi also had some vomiting problem. That was solved using Omeprazole – worked like a charm.

At the same time, my friend has now converted ALL her dogs to raw food using Coco n Joe and Primal.

Another colleague found a kitten recently and happened to tell me about it. We got talking about nutrition and I sent her several websites to read. She then decided she would try Cubgrub. She did – but her kitten wasn’t really interested at first. So I gave her a Primal nugget as topping (sprinkles) – that did the trick! Now, she doesn’t even need Primal anymore. The kitten guzzles more than 100g of Cubgrub a day! My colleague is happiest that the stools are odourless!!