The raw deal: The fusspots

To these 3 fusspots…..

The Queen merely licked some Coco & Joe’s this morning and everything else was just “not right”. Finally, she wanted raw chicken plus liver.

Mr Singapore, surprisingly, boycotted even his all-time favourite Duck this morning and also only wanted raw chicken (without liver). Kiasu!!

Indy was okay this morning, though. Cubgrub’s Duck topped with liver did the trick – he ate more than his 2% share. He should, because he is far from being sedentary.

To these 3 fusspots:

How to be a cat-parent in any generation: Feed ’em sometimes!!

Well, at least once a day, make sure the fusspots eat somethin’.

But for Ms Poldrey, I would make an exception because she is hyperthyroid. For her, normally Coco & Joe’s topped with Primal would do the trick. At most, if she fusses, I would only let her miss one meal.

If ONLY everyone ate like you, Bunny!!!

Bunny is so satisfied after breakfast, he gets into a “food coma” mode and sleeps until lunch time! And he eats anything and everything!

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