Betsy’s eye

I visited Betsy yesterday!

Now I know why Connie keeps saying that Betsy is a very “polite” dog. She IS!!

I have never met Betsy before and yet, when I arrived, Betsy ran all the way to the gate to greet me! She let me carry her throughout my entire visit and when we left, she sent me off as well.

She is completely adorable and oh-so-happy!

However, this morning, Betsy went for her eye check-up and the vet said that tried as he did, but the 3rd eyelid flap surgery failed to save Betsy’s right eye. The ulcer is just too severe. Earlier on, we learnt that the vet had been advising Betsy’s former owner to get her eye treated but this was not done. Now, Betsy’s right eye is completely blind. The surgery was not successful. The sutures have been removed now.

That’s alright, some things cannot be undone in life. But Betsy is still as happy as ever. She has a good and loving home now, a great parent and lots of doggy-siblings to play with. Dogs depend more on their sense of smell.

A senior vet once told me that dogs are, by nature, quite “blind”. This why it’s a common perception that if you are afraid of a dog, just stay very, very still and do not move. The dog might not be able to see you. They depend on movement and smell to sense your presence.

Taking a nap after playtime.

Makan time!

Taking another nap.

It’s alright, Betsy, you still have a beautiful eye and you definitely have a beautiful live ahead of you!

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