Trying to save Betsy’s eye

Connie decided to try.

So, yesterday, I accompanied Connie and Betsy to see our vet for a second opinion.

The vet examined Betsy’s eye and explained that there is a rupture and fluids from the anterior chamber has flowed out to form the bulge, which we see in her eye now. If this bulge breaks, there is no chance to save the eye and the lens might also fall out. From an external examination, it is hard to determine if the lens is damaged.

So, now, in order to TRY to save the eye, it’s important that the bulge does not break.

There is also another risk in Betsy’s case because both eyes are actually connected inside. So, whatever infection in this right eye can spread to the other eye as well.

The vet prescribed an anti-flammatory, a new antibiotics (Doxy) and the plasma eye gel (it’s stemcells – that is the one that healed Bunny’s eye ulcer, but Bunny’s was no where as severe as Betsy’s).

The vet said we could try, but there are no promises.

Of course, of course.

The vet also examined Betsy’s ears and found a lot of yeast.  This could be due to an allergy as well. For now, it’s daily cleaning of the ear.

Betsy was very good while we waited and she was also as good as she could be during the examination. The vet said such an ulcer is VERY painful and Betsy has indeed been so good about it all.  The vet also prescribed Tramadol (transdermal) as a painkiller.

The ulcer

Betsy, on her way home.

We hope a miracle can happen and the eye can heal. But if it doesn’t, it’s still alright. At least we tried.

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