Our most feral cat

….is the one who was never a “stray” before.

The one who was born in Ming-Yi’s wardrobe and has lived with us for 13 years now.

And who might that be?

Now, let’s see…..

Cow, Bunny and Pole were rescued at 1 day old from the roadside (so, former strays, even if for one day). Indy was rescued from the drain at (possibly) 2-3 weeks old (definitely a stray). Tabs was either abandoned or lost because she came with a collar with a bell and she adopted us by asking permission from Uncle Bobby to stay in our house. Heidi turned up at our gate one fine day, out of nowhere and the vet said she was a very neglected “old cat” when I brought her for a check-up. Ginger lived as a stray in the park with Daffodil and Rosie for one year before he came to ask for help for his almost-gangrenous paw (no thanks to Mr Quack).

So, who is left?

Yes, the Queen.

But…despite being never a “stray” before, she is as feral as they come.

She literally behaves like a “wild animal” (macam baru keluar dari hutan belantara).

1  She cannot be fed any medicine at all. Don’t you even dare touch her mouth.

2  She runs for safety whenever strangers come to the house. Saving herself, of course.

3  She doesn’t quite trust anyone, not even me. New foods – if possible, she would get a food taster to test it first (usually, Bunny) or if possible, she will test it herself using a silver spoon! To her, no human is to be trusted.

4  She eats like a wild cat (this requires some explanation, please see below):

Mr Ang from Coco&Joe says that wild cats will hunt their prey but will not eat it immediately. They will keep it somewhere and eat it “progressively” over a few hours. That is why their barf is designed as such, ie. to be served to cats and left out for up to 4 hours for them to take their time to eat. I’ve tried this before, but not up to 4 hours, of course (the risks of flies). True enough, it’s usually all eaten up – wiped clean.

Now, this has been EXACTLY how Cleo eats too. She refuses to eat with everyone else. When food is served, she runs away to the sandpit and pees or poops, then she mooches around the garden to wild away the time while the rest eats. It is only after they eat that she comes back to eat, and even then, she licks a bit and runs off again. So, this goes on until FINALLY and hopefully, she finishes her portion.

A wild cat, by all counts.

Totally feral in behaviour and eating habits.

Lately, I figured there’s one way to entice her to eat more – top her food with liver.

Both Pole and Cleo are underweight.

For Pole, it’s probably due to her hyperthyroid condition, but for Cleo, it’s her feral eating habits. So, whenever she WANTS to eat, I will give her as much as she is willing to eat.

For example, she was crazy about Coco&Joe’s for the last 3 weeks, so that’s what she got. Now, she is back to Cubgrub and she loves Duck, so I have ordered more Duck this round.

Aren’t we total cat-slaves?

No, that is NOT me. But I wouldn’t mind doing it if it can get Cleo to eat more….

Cleo: I rest my case.

I’m not bowing to you, I’m asking you to give me a head massage.


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