The trick to get Ginger to eat chicken

I found it, I found it, I found it!!

The trick!!!

I know how to get Ginger to eat Cubgrub Chicken now!!

You see, for weeks now, Ginger has been boycotting Cubgrub Chicken. He refuses to eat Coco&Joe’s and is not into Primal either. He only wants Cubgrub Exotics (Duck, Rabbit and Quail).

If I serve Cubgrub Chicken, he will walk out of the kitchen and boycott that meal.

If I serve Cubgrub Exotics with just a tiny hint of Cubgrub Chicken, he will also walk out on me.

But if I serve raw chicken meat, he will eat. And he loves boiled chicken from soups. That’s his No. 1 favourite food. But that’s cooked food.

So, the other day, I figured out how to give him Cubgrub Chicken. I discovered this purely by accident.

You have to start off the meal with pure Duck, Rabbit or Quail.

The keyword here is : PURE

After that, you can give him Cubgrub Chicken. He will eat it!!


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