Neutering aid for 1 cat and 1 dog in Balakong (Chong Mei Lee’s) & Updates

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM100 for the neutering of this cat and an aid of RM150 for the neutering of this dog.

Ms Chong has updates on the previous dog below.

1. The first image shows a dog named Didi. He is over 1 years old, is vaccinated and managed with anti-tick care (NextGard).I have been feeding a colony of stray dogs near where I stay daily for many years now and Didi is one of them. He was missing for 3 consecutive days for a few times now over the past couple of months. When he returned, I was aware that he was looking for a female mate around the area, and realised how important it is to get him neutered as soon as possible. Upon neutering and recovering, I have brought Didi back to the site where I feed him and his family daily.
2. The second image shows a cat named Oren. Oren is a cat that I saved from a dog’s bite a couple of weeks ago. After he was attacked and bitten, I brought Oren to the Vet to receive treatment for his injuries. Two weeks later, his condition has improved, and is very healthy now. He has also been vaccinated and neutered. Oren is now back at the site where I found him. I have been feeding him ever since, and will continue to do so.
Attached with this email are the images of the animals described above. I hope the AnimalCare Neutering Aid application will be approved. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing such an effective aid for animal caregivers who really need them. It is really great, what the AnimalCare society is doing. Thank you, Dr. Chan.
I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you and happy new year!
Kind regards,
Sisley Chong Mei Lee
Previous dog:
Also, LuLu is doing well. I feed her on daily basis. LuLu’s latest photos also attached with this email.
Thank you.

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