Medifoods’ fantastic 6-star CNY vegetarian reunion dinner set

We had our second reunion dinner yesterday at Medifoods, SS18/6. Their vegetarian set comes with 11 dishes (yes, 11!) for only RM488!!

AND it’s all organic food!

Take a look…

It starts with a very generous lou sang. It comes with plum sauce and olive oil.

A sweet & sour cranberry sauce dish.

Taufu veggie soup

Their ever-popular Medifoods LeiCha rice.

Another extremely generous dish of mushrooms.

A ginger “fish” dish

My favourite – rainbow-coloured mixed vegetables. Just look at the generous servings of fresh vegetables!

Organic honey-dew melon!! My favourite!

Organic watermelon!! So, so generous! My favourite too!

I’ve learnt long ago, if you wish to eat any melon, please choose organic. This includes watermelon, rock melon and the honey-dew.

Pumpkin-barley-sago dessert. As always, never too sweet.

Yam and Sweet Potato lin kou (kuih bakul). Also, not too sweet.

We were also served blue flower floral tea!

All of these for RM488 – believe it not! It’s more than enough for 8 pax….and if you are small eaters, it’s probably enough for 10-12 pax. So, needless to say, we tapau-ed the remainders home.

For me, being a small-eater, the mixed veges, the honey-dew and the watermelon would have been enough….haha.

If you are pollo-pescetarian, there is also another set with their organic chicken and organic fish, and that’s only RM588 – where, in the Klang Valley, can you get a reunion dinner of THIS quality at this price??

Service was friendly, efficient and fast, too. The waitresses were very polite as well.

Thank you, Medifoods! We give you SIX stars!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai, everyone!!

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

Medifoods’ CNY offers:

For vegetarians, there’s their ala carte Fit Meal 1 for only RM16.90 where you get 1 protein (egg varieties) and 2 vegetables of your choice. Fit Meal 2 has 2 proteins and 1 vegetable for RM18.90.

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