The egg-yolk eaters and other stories

The regular egg-yolk eaters in Bunny’s Place are Bunny and Pole.
Indy is just being kiasu.

Bunny and Pole are also soup drinkers, which is really good, because Pole, especially, needs extra fluids.


…Cleo also needs extra fluids, but she refuses to drink the meat broth.

It’s not poison, Cleo.

Cow, on the other hand, does not eat egg-yolks at all.

Cow: I’m a regular cat. I eat meat. Cats do not eat half-boiled eggs in the wild. 

Cleo: And cats also do not drink meat broth in the wild.
There are no slow cookers in the jungle.

But do cats sit on French flannel blankets in the wild then?

Cleo: I will pretend I did not hear that. But if you know what’s good for you. DO NOT question the Queen, do you hear? 

Hmmmmph……Talk less, SERVE more!!

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