Orozyme and Greenies for Pole

Since yesterday, I had already started Pole on Greenies and Orozyme.

Well, of course, everyone else wanted Greenies too.

This afternoon’s experience with Oral Aid must have totally freaked Pole out.

I was lucky enough that this evening, she was still willing to eat Recovery (no bad experience from there). But after that, when I tried to give her her transdermal Methimazole and Tramadol, she RAN!!

And played hide and seek with me. It wasn’t easy hunting her down.

Then, came the Orozyme and she ran from that as well.

I will attempt to give the Clavamox later tonight. By hook or by crook, I have to do it because it’s antibiotics.

Both Indy and Cleo tried to help me stop Pole from running away.

Cats are mind-readers. She knows I’m not a “threat” right now (not attempting to feed her any meds) so here she is, in plain sight.

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