Pole eats!

This morning I got up at 2.30am!

Everyone had breakfast at 5.00am and Pole ate her Recovery. I did offer some Cubgrub but she refused.  Guess it’s going to take some effort to convert her back to Cubgrub or Coco&Joe’s. Perhaps the association of these foods with the mouth pain takes a longer time to be “forgotten”.

For now, it’s more important that she is able to eat without pain. She ate 3 helpings! Pole can definitely do with some weight gain.

On the other hand, Cleo decided to throw a fuss. Maybe she too wants Pole’s food, so she decided to boycott all foods this morning. She refused Cubgrub (with liver), Coco&Joe’s and merely licked a bit of cut raw chicken.

It’s not that these two “anorexic” (used figuratively) underweight girls can afford to lose any weight, but I shall not let Cleo dictate her terms…not yet.

Luckily we went to the vet’s yesterday too, because our regular senior vet isn’t sure when the clinic will reopen at this point or which branch he will be stationed at.

Today was a merry-go-round of catching Pole to apply her transdermal Methimazole, transdermal Tramadol and to give her the liquid Clavamox.

The boys are so much easier in this department. Plonk into mouth – Done!

I spared Pole the Oral Aid – I think that shocked her too much yesterday. Pole cannot handle shocks.

Me no happy….

No leg?

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