A new CNY cat tree!

The last cat tree was completely destroyed by the Cow Clan.

So, we saw this in a shop yesterday and bought it primarily for Heidi because Heidi uses our rattan dining chairs as her scratching posts. All six of them, too.

Surprisingly, it was Tabs who first went for it. And being as heavy as she is, she completely flattened the “bridge”. We later nailed it back.

Heidi: What is this? A replacement for my six scratching posts??…which I have used for years? It sure took you pretty long to figure this out, did it not? 

So no, it didn’t work as planned.

Never mind, it’s a bonus treat for Tabs!

But guess who REALLY liked it?

Yes, Ginger!

He loved it so much, so now we are hoping that it will be a happy toy for him that will stop him from spraying. Who knows, right?

Well, one can hope, can’t one?

Ginger: Dream on…..

I am an optimist…

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