Pole dictates the menu

Pole has created a bit of a upset in the menu at Bunny’s Place.

Because she could not eat Coco&Joe or Cubgrub last week and due to the diagnosis that she had tartar which caused her inability (or unwillingness) to eat, I had to resort to giving her the thoroughly blended (and thoroughly delicious) Recovery and AD.

Oh, she absolutely loves these two canned food and surprise, surprise, she also loves something else….


Pole, how is it that you cannot eat Cubgrub or Coco&Joe’s but you can eat Greenies? Is it the stickiness of the wet food that causes your mouth pain….or what is it?

We won’t know, would we?

Until the vets reopen their clinics, Pole is enjoying her privilege of eating Recovery, AD and Greenies.

But she has also caused a bit of an upset at Bunny’s Place because now, I have Cleo and Indy demanding for Recovery as well. Cow asked…politely.

So yes, everyone had a one-third-teaspoon treat. I’m a sucker and a slave….

Luckily Bunny is still enjoying his Cubgrub, so he did not ask for it. Good boy, Bunny! You know what’s good for you.

Cleo is also acting up – she alternates between Cubgrub and Coco&Joe, and expects me to be able to read her mind.

You shall do as I ask…