Heidi’s updates

It looks like Heidi is on the mend.

As of yesterday, she started eating again, though not as much as she usually does.

But she is back to her usual habits, so that is definitely a good sign.

She came to the door to greet me when I came home from work.

She is here, at her herb stash.

We planted her herbs (weeds) at the patio so that she need not follow us out to the park anymore to get her herbs from there.

Waiting for food, at her usual place (a VERY good sign).

I know that whenever she doesn’t feel very well, she wants plain raw chicken. So she got that yesterday.

By night time, she could eat Cubgrub already!

This morning, she only wanted raw chicken, so she got that.

Given her age, I suppose some tummy upset now and then is acceptable. Her tummy upsets are usually preceded by a hairball problem. As long as she can recover and eat again, I would not want to stress her out with trips to the vet’s and subject her to all kinds of tests.