The past week’s news

There’s been a lot of news, but here are some headlines.

A huge python was sighted by a neighbour on the road nearby, some 300m away, near the big monsoon drain. Although we think the slithery one could have come from the drain, a neighbour thinks it could be someone’s escaped pet.  Yikes!

I’m so glad Cathy helped me fortify Stargate2 (for Daffodil years ago). But then again, I’ve actually seen snakes slid through two pieces of glass. Yikes!

Heidi is back to eating her normal diet now. She eats a lot, as usual. It took her several days to get back to normalcy.

This is the subcut gang.

Bunny and Cleo have subcut sessions twice a week while Pole’s is thrice weekly. It is still a problem getting Cleo for subcut sessions. She reads minds and will hide once she knows we intend to catch her for a session. So oftentimes, she can only be done on another day.

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