Neutering aid for 1 cat in Tasik Prima (Kok Ying Chee’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM100 for the neutering of this cat.

Ms Kok has provided updates on the previous cat whose neutering was aided by us.

Dear Dr Chan,
Thank you very much for your support.
I am submitting another application for neutering aid. This time is for Black Spot, the second cat out of three cats (mother and 2 daughters) that I am feeding. She was not well earlier and was given medication. Upon recovered, I sent her for vaccination and now neutering. Please find attached photo collage of her before and after the surgery. She is recovering well and started moving around, mingling with her mother (Brown Tail) and sibling (Slipper). I will continue to feed her and take care of her together with the other two cats as long as they are still around.
Attached also an updated photos of Slipper that was neutered on 6th Jan 2020. She ran away from my house a few days after being neutered. I thought I am going to loose her but she came back a day later. She normally sleeps under my car during the day and wanders away after dinner.
Appreciate your kind consideration and advice.
Thanks and regards,
Ying Chee

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