Neutering aid for 1 cat in Ampang (Puziyah Mohd Tahir’s) & Updates (Alyaa Izzati Aminuddin’s)

We have provided an aid of RM100 for the spaying of this cat.

The write-up below is written by Puan Puziyah’s daughter, Ms Alyaa Izzati Aminuddin and she has also provided updates on previous claims.

From Ms Alyaa:

I am alyaa izzati.Last month a female cat, named Icak came to my house in Ampang and I began to feed her since then. My mother and I decided to spayed her to keep her healthy and prevent her from any unwanted diseases. With this email, I have attached the before and after photo of Icak, and the application form for your review. I hope you may consider this application. Thank you in advance.

Icak now

I’m sorry I tend to overlook that policy. Sadly for our cats Angie,Jenny and Mama we cant locate them as they disappeared. These cats are adult cats when we rescued them,so we thought it would “unfair” for them,if we kept them indoor. After we neutered the cats, we continue to gave them food and water till the day they disappeared.

1) Angie and Jenny
Both cats are stray and outdoor cats. However,sadly, Angie and Jenny cannot locate since August..I’m not sure where are they..We tried to look for both of the cat but they disappeared
2) Mama
Same goes to mama,also stray cats that we rescued.. however we dont kept her inside the house as we have other cats. Sometimes she came hang around my porch but now i’m not sure where are her whereabout since the day Icak came to our house
3) Didi
As for Didi,she is one of our cat that we decided to kept indoor. This is because she was a kitten when we found her. I’ve attached her latest photo below for your reference..
4) Icak
We will continue to provide her food and take of her health. But she will remained outdoor as we cannot keep her as a pet.

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